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Where are your radiators manufactured?

At our 45,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

What kind of warranty do they carry?

All radiators are warrantied to the exact end user’s request.

Why Talan Radiators?

There is not another company out there which has the experience Talan has in terms of copper / brass and aluminum radiators. Our experience extends over eight decades of radiator manufacturing capabilities.

I have custom manufacturing specifications. Can you handle that?

We specialize in crafting custom products for our clients. Our inhouse design and engineering teams make it possible to provide the finest of quality at a price which is below our competition.

What finishes are available?

We provide the exact the specs required by the client. Our products are second to none regardless of the clients needs.

Is Talan Industries a Large or Small size company?

Talan prides itself on being a Small Business Set Aside. Talan may be classified as a Small Business, but we provide services, product and pricing like we were a Fortune 500 company.

What materials are used for construction of your radiators?

Talan works with all forms of material: copper, brass, steel, aluminum and plastic just to name a few.

Where are repairs done?

At our facility located in Taylor, Michigan