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Specializing in Aluminum Copper, Brass and Steel Construction of Radiators, Radiator Cores, Radiator Accessories – tanks, surge tanks, Charge Air Coolers and AC Condensers

– Finishing Based on Clients Needs

– Manufacturing Tailored to Meet Clients Specific Needs and Specs

– Radiator Manufacturing in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (Majority of Parts Coming From USA and Qualifying Countries)

– Manufacturing Meets US EPA and Employee Safety Standards. No Child Labor at any Steps of the Process

– 45,000 Sq. Ft Facility

-Provider to OEM and Private Industry

-Small Business Company



135 Full Time Staff – Heat Rejection Engineer, Mechanical Engineers, Physical Engineers
Engineers utilize both AutoCAD and Solidworks. CAM2000 is utilized for CNC equipment and CADMAN for CNC Press Brakes.


Core Assembly

Core Tubes: Brass strip is roll formed, solder coated and cut to length. 
CT Style or Flat Fin: Copper strip is fed into the machine tools resulting in the finished fin.
Core Assembly: Copper fins and brass tubes are stacked onto a core fixture table and strapped together. 
Header Installation: Headers are installed onto cores completing the core assembly.


Part fabrication is done on various machinery; Amada punch presses, Mechanical Presses and Hydraulic Presses. All have capability of both large and small parts. 


Radiator Testing: All radiators are leak tested by completely submerging the radiator under pressure to verify that the part does not leak.
State of the Art Testing Facility – Burst Pressure, Leak, Corrosion, etc.
Test and Quality System AS9003
ISO 9001 Certified